Senin, 11 Oktober 2010


I always, as usual love my mbak Niluh Djelantik Shoes. She always showers me with her love and her exquisite masterpieces, killer high heels, every time i want to launch my new book.

This time she gave her very best sahara slingbacks. Can not blink my eyes, the first time i saw this beauty. I am happy with nothing but Niluh Djelantik killer high heels.

Made from very best suede, hand made woven suede and 14cm wood high heels. So stunning and comfortable... and i can even walk in it the whole day during photo session. My very best friend, Novita Yunus asked me, how come i can walk in it the whole day? I said to her, it happens only in Niluh Djelantik Shoes...

For my latest book photo session, i use two pairs of Mbak Niluh, My Sahara in Purple and My Pink Snake Skin killer high heels.

So... I can choose whatever bag I want to wear today, but Niluh Djelantik shoes is a must for me.

I love made in Indonesia


Miss Jinjing

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