Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010


I love the magical hands of mas Lele, My Favorite Photographer...

Damnn... He is so genious

And always explore the inside beauty of me that i never realized that i had.

For my coming soon book... BERCERAI SIAPA TAKUT? TAKUT BANGET ! I told Mas Lele that i want beautiful pics of me, that symbolize freedom, confidence, beauty and intellectual to end my gloomy episode of my life that has just passed.

Those pics must show my new spirit and new stunning look...

I am so thankful to Mas Lele that make it happened as i wished... beyond my expectation...

Mas... I love you So Much..

David Tedja Lele

ph 0818688479

Make Up, Tony, Irwan Team Salon Grand Indonesia
Wardrobe, Tre Batik
Hair Do, Scarlett Indonesia
Jewelry, Villia Ciputra
Shoes, Niluh Djelantik Shoes
Bags, Anteprima, Batik Chic
Photography, My beloved Mas Lele....

Zillion thanks to Irwan Team Salon, Mas Lele, Batik Chic, Tre Batik, Villia Ciputra, Niluh Djelantik Shoes, Anteprima and Scarlett Indonesia

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