Senin, 23 Agustus 2010


Lobby in Rafless Hotel Singapore

Waiting for someone, darla???

What a lucky day.. got a chance to spend time and enjoy the luxury of Rafless Hotel, Singapore... One of the most legendary hotel on earth. The history of Rafless Hotel, start in 1887 from 10 rooms only.

Every single little things in this hotel is the history of Singapore itself... I love them all, esp their wall of fame... I hope one day there is a pic of Miss Jinjing with GM of Rafless hotel, beside pic of Sidney Sheldon.... Arrrghhhh.... mimpi kali ye... Di wall of fame itu hanya ada photo orang Indonesia, PakHarto dan Ibu Tien, beserta Pak Sby dan Ibu Sby... the next will be Miss Jinjing and.... hehehee.... Malaikat lewat..... Malaikaaatttt....

I love the legendary bar in this hotel, Long Bar... where did the Singapore Sling come from. So historical and well preserved. They have wood tile where they spread peanut's skin. They said that it is to make tile, more shinny... and absorb oil...

I was at Writer Suite, in Rafless Hotel, worth Sing 15oo $ per night. And Sidney Sheldon was here long time ago.. Mudah - mudahan rezekinya tertular yah hehehee.... Aminnn... Malaikat lewat dengerin dong....

My Joyful moment in Rafless enable by Trias and Anteprima Indonesia

Wardrobe, Tre Batik
Bag, Anteprima
Shoes, Niluh Djelantik.

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