Senin, 17 Desember 2012


Dear Gorgeous...

Am so very happy for unlimited bless from Daddy JC... Today my lil baby was born... MISS JINJING PARIS... the 10th Baby of mine... 

i cant describe how happy i am and so amazed with every single detail in it... rasa tak percaya kalau saya yang menulisnya.... saya harus berterima kasih sama creative team baru saya... they are damn genious. Since very beginning i know that i choose the right partner in crime hehehhee... .. will have new template for the next MISS JINJING'S baby.... now they will be more and more beautiful and stylish... and flirty... they will be more and more detail and can be your reliable best friend... you can travel with it and dream of it... both with the same beauty. My dream about the book than not only book as paper but book as a lifestyle came into reality... more and more indonesian gorgeous women love pretty and stylish book... not only just " baca trus lempar ke dalam lemari "... 

My dream came into reality coz...this pretty book is enabled by

My Fabulous Creative team...
Embassy of Republic France

Thanks for the support to 

My Dad ... he is always worried of me .. his forever 5 years daughter
Mama Cok, Tante Nina, Tante Keke.... my adorable aunties who loves me unconditionally and take a good care of me... 
Mbakku tersayang, Mbak Sandrina Emirsyah Satar
Miss Jinjing community and our Ibu Peri, Tante Nenny Hari Kartana
The Powerpuff Girls Gank 

and last but not least...

My Mj loyal readers .... i love you so much.... thank you for being MISS JINJING LOYAL READERS... will write beautiful and precious things more and more for you...

For the next, cant wait for my coming soon pretty adorable book in 2013...

MISS JINJING TURKEY... so fascinated of the exotism of Turkey and get inspired from Turkish Precious Jewelry 

Courtesy of Tourism Board of Turkey


thank you and love you so much

MJ PARIS for inquiry

inbox or call ayu 083870076532

Je t'aime


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