Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

It’s been 2 weeks in 2012, my resolutions are nothing too serious, just a few things i’d like to accomplish and live by this year.
1 | finish my lil apartment project if no cancellation.
2 | eat healthier (how many years has that been on the list…!)
3 | write more about my indiscent obsession and reality bite
4 | Have more chance with my princes
5 | More focus on my MISS JINJING FLATTIES
6 | more open mind and positive thinking esp abt the man
7| take a trip to Marroco and other exotic country.
8 | MIss Jinjing live by and take chances.
Ppl always thought that I am on vacation FOREVER or just having fun only… In reality I have too much downtime and up side down... maybe… but now it’s back to work, i mean hard work… and, i’m definitely ready to get back on a routine!
Keep spirit Amelia Masniari

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