Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011


I am trying to count my bless from Daddy Jesus on this beautiful X mas Eve...

Well... My life is far from perfect, far from words like easy, normal, and etc...

But i want to say thanks to my Daddy JC  and count HIS bless for

  • Adorable Prince Alessandro, Prince Carlo and Prince Matteo
  • Me still keep in good shape and enough for everything..
  • Ability to survive as a single. 
  • My Wonderful Biological Daddy and Mommy... 
  • My 3 Mom in heart , Mama Cok, Tante Nina, Tante Keke
  • My Godfather.... Om AKA
  • 3 books in year 2011... Bercerai Siapa Takut, Takut Banget, MJ BSM TOKYO and MJ Girl's Guide
  • All beautiful stylish trip to Tokyo with Anteprima, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Jeung Desy, Jeung Emily, Jeung Marcelina and Jeung Devita, and to Korea with KTO
  • Gorgeous countless very bestfriend, Jeung Nopitah, Jeung Xania, Ibu Tiri, Dee Dee, Adik Bayi Rembulan Indira, Lenny Sutanto, Mawarty Lilis, Eliz, Vilia, Ana... and many more...   they are all so priceless
  • My very small but solid team, My Assistant, Ayu Ting Ting, Bapak Tukang dan Bapak Supir
  • My Publisher, Republika and Digio
  • and many many more....
I love you Daddy Jesus, I love you all


Amelia Masniari

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